The ideal place to abandon yourself to the pleasures of dining


Our restaurant is truly the ideal place for abandoning yourself to the pleasures of dining. It’s the perfect place for a weekend trip with family or friends or for a romantic weekend.

The cosy and rustic atmosphere of the rooms and the beautiful natural scenery surrounding us are excellent company for fully enjoying our cuisine.
Our culinary proposals are rooted in tradition, and the recipes are still those of grandmother’s old recipe book, aimed at enhancing local, genuine, fresh and our own products. Our dishes are all homemade and contain the flavours and aromas of Trentino and Valle di Ledro.

Traditional cuisine

Our menu includes typical Trentino dishes such as strangolapreti, canederli, barley soup and more local unique dishes such as potato polenta and polenta with yellow flour from Storo. For a perfect meal, we have inviting meat proposals such as roe deer, venison, braised meat and goulash, but also a good local cheese from malga that is excellent when grilled. Traditional cuisine that is constantly evolving, with an eye to the future between refinement and modernity.

Quality wines

The magical flavours are further exalted if a good wine is paired with the delicacies. Our wine cellar offers quality wines from Trentino and beyond, to be paired according to the culinary proposal and the occasion.
From appetisers to desserts, we will know how to best advise you and accompany your meal with lively and fragrant notes.

Genuine flavours

The true and authentic flavours of Valle di Ledro can also be found in “Leder Bier”, our local craft beer. A sophisticated beer with origins rooted in the history of this valley. A live beer, in different variations and in continuous evolution. Ideal for fully enjoying all the delicacies Valle di Ledro has to offer.