Activities and sports to enjoy in Valle di Ledro and Valle di Concei

Active Holiday

Valle di Ledro and Valle di Concei are a real open-air gym for enjoying outdoor activities and sports.
There really is something for everyone and for all tastes, and every season offers its own magic.
Chalet al Faggio can be your strategic home base for fully enjoying these activities immersed in nature.

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Set right in the middle of the spectacular mountain setting of Val Concei, our location is perfect for those who love trekking and walking in the open air.


Mountain biking

Valle di Ledro, an entire valley to explore! Come and discover the wonders of Trentino on your mountain bike.



Canyoning is a new mountaineering sport where you go down ravines and waterfalls, in full contact with the most hidden nature. In Valle di Ledro Trentino you can go canyoning along two different streams located in Ampola Valley: the Torrente Palvico and Rio Nero.

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In Valle di Ledro there is no shortage of opportunities for trying paragliding, and you can choose a two-person option or specially organised courses for learning the sport. There are also various take-off and landing points which differ in terms of landscape and technical difficulty.

For our guests: -10%.


Just a few kilometres from Garda Lake in Trentino, Valle di Ledro offers you the chance to spend your next holiday in contact with nature. There are a number of climbing walls and cliffs for lovers of climbing.

For our guests: -10%.

Orienteering park

In collaboration with the Italian Orienteering Association, an orienteering park has been created in the beautiful woods of Val Concei: it is a healthy sport within everyone’s reach that enhances physical and muscular training as well as adaptability and orientation.

Winter Activity

Winter in Valle di Ledro is magic.
Skiing, snowshoeing and ski mountaineering are the activities you can practice in this beautiful season. Walking with snowshoes in the woods of Val Concei is possible starting directly from the shelter. A few steps from us you can also find the cross-country skiing center, while the splendid Tremalzo.

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